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  Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief  

Been using these belts for years on myself & patients.
Been using these belts for years on myself & patients. I am a physical therapist. I've found these to be the most durable & comfortable. I bought this for my patient who likes it a lot. What I like about this belt is that you can also sleep in it & if the outer belt is too tight you can always just loosen the buckle but still benefit from the velcro providing some support.

Olga S., PT
Peralta, NM

Best SI belt
I have recommended the Active SI Belt to my patients with unstable SI joints for the past five years. It is the best SI belt I have seen, and it also provides more comfort than other belts I have used. I have personally worn the belt after injuring myself when I accidentally subluxed one of my SI joints while running. The Active SI belt helped to promote healing of my injury.

Larry Davis, PT
Physical Therapist
Clatskanie Family Health Center
Clatskanie, OR 97016

This is a great... product
Our clinic has been ordering the Active SI Belt for the last 6-8 months. This product has helped our clients with sacroiliac dysfunctions and with their associated pains and instabilities. This is a great and comfortable product!

Andreas Schenk, PT, Owner
Physical Therapist, Owner
Results Rehabilitation
Coronado, CA 92118

Thrilled to come across this product
I was really thrilled to come across this product! I was tired of the rigid SI belts on the market that would slip and slide out of place on my active patients. Living in Boulder Colorado we treat a vast amount of patients that lead really active lifestyles and this product has allowed them to get back to their activities!

Jeanette Hrubes P.T. /Clinic Director
Physical Therapist
Peak Form Physical Therapy
East Boulder, CO 80305

Thrilled with the belt
We have been distributing the Active SI Belt for over 6 years. All of the patients are thrilled with the belt. They all have had less pain and significantly improved function. They have been happy to return to walking/ hiking/ jogging etc.

Renee Halliday, PT
Physical Therapist
Milford Regional Medical Center
Milford, M

Patients always choose the Active SI Belt
I have used the Active SI Belt for over 5 years. I have allowed my patients to try the Active SI belt and another style SI belt and the patients have always chosen the Active SI Belt. They like the comfort it provides without cutting into their skin. They also like that the Active SI Belt does not “slide up” when they sit down.

Mark Scharich, PT, Cert MDT, CSCS
Physical Therapist
Center for Physical Rehab / In Home Rehab
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Belt does not slip
I find the Active SI Belt® superior in quality and efficiency. Simply, the belt does not slip. We only vend one belt to our patients- the Active SI Belt®.

Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS
Physical Therapist
Lakeshore Sports Physical Therapy
Chicago, IL

Best support
The ACTIVE S-I BELT® is the best support for pelvic instability conditions.

Richard Jackson, PT, OCS
Physical Therapist
Richard Jackson Seminars
Middleburg, Virginia

Highly recommended
I have used the Active SI Belt with many patients including myself. It is a valuable component of pelvic girdle treatment. I highly recommend the Active S-I Belt® because it is very effective at stabilizing the pelvic girdle.

Gregory S. Johnson, PT, FFCFMT
Physical Therapist
Founder & Director of The Institute of Physical Art
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

It does work
I am happy to endorse this product because it does work!

Jerry Hesch, MHS, PT
Physical Therapist and Founder of The Hesch Method of Treating Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Albuquerque, NM

Great support
I have used the Active SI belt for many years and find it to be a great way to support my patients with their ADL, while they perform a core stability program.

John O’Halloran, PT, Cert MDT
Physical Therapist
Certified McKenzie Diagnostic Therapist

Most comfortable
These belts are the most comfortable supports we have used for our patients with back pain.

Steven Hoffman, PT, SCS
Physical Therapist
Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy
Sewickley, Pennnsylvania

Stays in place
The Active SI belt is comfortable to wear and stays in place unlike other SI belts. The belt provides proper support therefore decreasing pain, allowing my patients to remain active leading to a faster healing time. I have worn the belt myself, and it’s the only SI belt I would recommend because it does what’s it’s supposed to do.

Joanne Sanoff, MA, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Brooklyn, New York

Wonderful asset
I have exclusively used the Acive SI BELT for a couple of years now. My patients have found it to be a very comfortable belt that moves with them despite the activity they are currently undertaking. It works very well with both my active patient population as well as my pregnant ladies. I have patient’s with a chronic hypermobile SI who were unable to do anything physical without SIJ pain who now can do anything from snowboarding to bouldering with the Active SI BELT assisting them with stabilization. It is also a huge source of comfort for my pregnant ladies who are not able to gain enough strength during their pregnancies to maintain pelvic alignment on their own. The belt provides the extra source of support they need both during the pregnancy and even after when the hormonal effects of nursing may continue to play a role in pelvic instability. Overall the Active SI BELT has been a wonderful asset in my practices in treating SIJ dysfunction.

Michele Wesley, MSPT
Master of Science in Physical Therapy
Orthopedic and Women’s Health Physical Therapist
Ascent Therapy Centers
Littleton, Colorado

Able to return to work
The most recent client benefiting from use of the ACTIVE SI BELT is a 39 yr old male construction worker. He strained his SI joint at work which requires frequent stooping and bending. With adequate stabilization using ACTIVE SI BELT, he was able to return to work.

Sheri Baldwin, PT
Physical Therapist
Cambria Physical Therapy
Cambria, California

Much less pain
I have much, much less pain. I can now walk several miles in the hills each morning with ease. Before I couldn't walk 1/2 mile without severe pain. As massage therapist, wearing the Active SI BELT has literally saved my practice.

Linda M.
Massage Therapist

This belt has allowed me to snowboard again
This belt has allowed me to get on the slopes and snowboard this season. I was very concerned and this has made a great difference for me because I'm an aggressive rider.

Brendan K
Greensburg, PA

This SI Belt is comfortable
I am very satisfied with the product I received. The SI belt is comfortable to wear and easy to attach. I have to wear this device permanently so I needed one that was constructed well so it will last. This one seems to fit that need.

Ronald T
Greenacres, WA

This is the best SI belt I have tried
This is the best SI belt I have tried (its the 3rd brand for me). It is comfortable, even when sitting, so I don't feel like I have to take it on and off. Stays in place nicely.

Ives G
Longmont, CO

Thank you Active Ortho
I have a 20 year history of low back issues and this product specifically assists with sacroiliac dysfunction. I was diagnosed with bilateral SI joint inflammation one year ago after a sports injury. Previously I had received nerve block injections and went through intense physical therapy. I wish my surgeon and physical therapist had recommended this belt. I use this 24 x 7 and the pressure helps me maintain stability and heal the ligaments. Thank you Active Ortho for a well designed product that can be used for athletes and recovering patients.

R. Munoz
Jersey City, NJ

I Would Highly Recommend The Posture Belt
I am an artist and spend many hours working in one position and the Posture Belt supports my back so I can paint pain free. I also use the brace while I garden and work around the yard and I find it light weight and the extra foam insert in the back of the support gives a little added pressure right where I need it. I would highly recommend the Posture Belt to anyone.

R. Kaiser

I love my Active SI Belt
I love my Active SI Belt. During my physical therapy for sacroiliac dysfunction, my therapist recommended using an elastic ice pack wrap around my hips to stabilize the joint. It was cheap, and it definitely felt the part. It was hard to keep positioned, made me sweat, and didn't really provide much support.

My husband works for a home medical company, and he ordered me an Active SI Belt after a recommendation from a customer. It has been a dream. I feel so stable, my posture has improved, and my pain is gone. I constantly bend, squat, pull, and reach at work. I can even spend hours at the gym with no problem. It's so comfortable that I can even sleep in it when I need to. This belt has been the best investment I've made for the treatment of my pain.

Thank you so much for this fine product.

Sarah H.

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